Q) What are “Photoshop” images?

A) Photoshop images are images that have been enhanced using Photoshop? 

Q) What are “Edits?”

A) Edits are another name for Photoshop images. This term is used primarily by professional photographers.

Q) What are “RAW JPEG” images?

A) RAW JPEG images is a term used to refer to the complete collection of unedited images taken during a photo shoot. These are received on a “Full Day Shoot” or if requesting to purchase them you can for fee. See “Add-On” section in the the “Photography Pricing” tab.

Q) I have a special project that’s different than your usual work, can you still help me accomplish the project?

A) It truly depends on the assignment. It is exciting to hear about a new and challenging project; however, any new collaborated assignments would have to be pitched first before being negotiated on.

Q) Do you have a photography studio?

A) Yes, I am a member of Union 206 studio, which is located at 822 S Pickett St, Alexandria, VA 22304.

Q) When is the latest I can make a deposit?

A) Deposits should be made no later than one week before scheduled photo shoot date. Terms of the deposit will be enclosed in your Photography Agreement. 

Q) What if I need to reschedule my photo shoot?

A) In the event the client cancels or needs to reschedule the photo shoot for whatever reason the booking fee (initial deposit) is non-refundable. It will be considered as liquidated damages to the Photographer. However, every accommodation will be made to reschedule any appointment, if requested.

Q) Who owns the photos?

A) The copyright of the photographs remain with me, the photographer.

Q) Are you going to use my images on your website?

A) All Clients will sign a model release form authorizing their photographs to be used for advertising on the website. The photographer reserves the right to select content images that will cast the client as an artistic form and in a positive way.

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